Silencing The Darkness Long Obsidian Agate Root Chakra Mala

$79.00 USD

Obsidian agate mala is class apart and good to bump off all pessimism, envy, prejudice and callous approach and fills one with astonishing benefits

  • Obsidian Agate Mala: Soothes eyes, repels negativity.
  • Energy Filler: Infuses calm energy, fosters positive decisions.
  • Root Chakra Vibrations: Enhances focus, grounding, and strength.
  • Pursue Dreams: Empowers with vigor and zeal.

Designer‘s Description

Exhibit your quintessential personality. Nothing can hold you up when you have ravishing aura trammel dark energies and silence their upheaval. The long agate mala is enviously admired and silently drooled when you flaunt to justify your rooted authority.  Let the malignant mind complain and well-wisher praise your all justified attempt towards your success.  Your each step is towards silencing and quelling the roar of negativism and embracing the power of great vibes.

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