We at justwowfactory always make standards size bracelets, be it in stretchable band, thread with adjustable rope and, wire with metal clasp. However size of wrists are variable in nature. This size chart is apt for stretchable band bracelets. Because threaded bracelet and metal clasp bracelets are adjustable and can be suitably loosened or tightened. Though we always encourage our customers to find the right wrist size as mentioned below so that aftermath inconvenience may be restrained

You can easily measure the bracelet size with a measuring tap or cord. For that

  • you need to place the measuring tape or cord around your wrist. Just mark that point where beginning edge meets that point.
  • In case you use cord then lay out that cord over ruler or measuring tape and mark that point, which is your size.
  • We suggest you to have snug fit measurement of the wrist. we always add some little extension for bracelet size so that it can be desirable fit and not very skin tight. 


Desirable Size for Men

 Mens' Wrist Size Bracelet size ( inches)  Bracelet Size ( CM)
Small (S) 6.5-7 16.5-17.8
Medium (M) 7-7.5 17.18-19
Large (L) 7.5-8 19-20.3
Extra Large(XL) 8-8.5 20.3-21.6
Double Extra Large (XXL) 8.5-9 21.6-22.9


Desirable size for Women

 Womens' Wrist Size
Bracelet size ( inches)
 Bracelet Size ( CM)
Small (S)
5.5-6 14-15.2
Medium (M)
6-6.5 15.2-16.5
Large (L)
6.5-7 16.5-17.8
Extra Large(XL)
7-7.5 17.8-19


Fit Style Add Inch (es) to wrist size
Snug fit Add 1/4 to 1/2
Comfort fit Add  1/2 to 1
Loose Fit Add 1 to 1-1/2