Good News is that you are covered for 7 days free replacement policy. Icing on the cake is post purchase damage cover once replacement policy lapses.

This policy covers accidental damage and re-fixing the stone beaded products, Though our quality is superior and have lasting thread but accidental damage or mishandling can happen anywhere. we have decided to extend the support to our existing customers, who want their product re-energised and re-fixed due to accidental damage(Like broken thread and resizing) post purchase.

This policy is different from free replacement policy Please read that. Replacement policy is for the damage and misfit or wrong product received, where as this policy covers the damage post purchase.

This policy will be applicable post 7 days of delivery. In that case we will charge a nominal fee of $40 that will include shipping cost of sending you the re-fixed product. Customer has to ship the product through their own choice of logistic or courier and bear the cost of sending to our warehouse for re-fixing

This policy will not cover the metal part (de-colorised or broken), however if you want that then our support executive will tell you the price of that part and we can do this for you.

What we will cover

  • Stones Based Products above USD 80
  • Re-energising the stones
  • Thread replacement
  • Shipping cost on Re-fixed product.

This Policy does not cover for

  • Leather products
  • Exchange with new or other product
  • Metal products
  • Metal parts or discoloured metal
  • Product below Rs USD 80

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