Imbibe Humility Evil Eye 108 Amethyst Mala

$86.00 USD

Designer speaks

Relent your continuous quest and struggle for perfection, as it is elusive and not definitive. Let in humility and let out hostility today Rather Run up for the acquiring weapons to sharp your skills for nearing the perfection. Your weapons are your wisdom, humility, intuition and adaptability. Your  insight and sharpened mind take you to the extremity of success 

In your journey to attainment of your dream, our 108 amethyst evil eye mala is incisive attack to army of ennui, dejection and negativity


  • 6m & 8mm amethyst for crown and third eye chakra
  • Amethyst brings intuitive mind, clear insight and subsided anxiety and stress.
  • Evil eye to watch for the actions, you take to realise your dream, it eases, nudges and nullifies the psychic attack like emotional imbalance
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